The Signature boasts the finest fit and finish in the industry with its distinctive contoured millwork frame and sash designs, optional simulated divided lites, an aesthetically pleasing glazing bead, and a collection of elegant decorative glass and grid custom design options. The result is a look designed exclusively for the individual homeowner’s lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Signature uses optimally sized 7/8” insulated glass with high performance Low E / Argon, and Super Spacer, for superior energy efficiency in dual pane insulated glass. (Other optional high performance glass packages are also offered)
The finest “fit and finish” in the industry and the workmanship of the Signature window have earned praise from thousands of homeowners
Signature provides a unique contoured millwork exterior design on frame and sash lines for a sleek, yet traditional appearance
Signature’s compound welds increase the beauty of the window, while eliminating the need for weep holes
The ergonomically designed lift rail is part of the welded sash, not part of the glazing bead where it could be broken off, disrupting the look or efficiency of the window
Signature’s contoured glazing bead offers clean sight lines, adds incredible aesthetic value, and leaves no sharp corners or grooves for accumulation of grime, dirt, or mold
Available in (8) exterior colors, Signature is also offered in custom coatings in any color you choose
Signature comes standard in Cream White – “The Right White” that looks like fresh paint, with no dingy blue or gray tint to detract from your home’s appearance
Five interior colors, including three interior woodgrains are available for the look of real wood
Optional SDL’s (simulated divided lites) for an authentic wood look or use in historic applications